The annual Steam Summer Sale is poised for launch soon. The latest leaks suggest June 25 this year and it will run the typical 2 weeks which will be July 9, 2019. Summer is slow for game sales so the summer sale is a popular for developers to get some much needed cash to keep the development of new titles funded.

Here are the studio the storage requirements are now becoming so brutal that more hard disks are needed to keep them online. Steam can more games around so adding a disk can easily expand the total number of games installed.

4TB hard disks are now very low cost. There is room in most ATX chassis for four hard disks and with the M.2 SSD the disks are ideal for secondary storage. The M.2 SSD can be copied to a hard disk when an upgrade is desired. The existing 512GB SSD is adequate but larger capacity models have some advantages when playing more than a few games at any point in time.

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop has continued to be played a lot along with Left 4 Dead 2. Other games are seldom played unless a new screenshot is needed. Some games like Doom 3 BFG have been played on and off over time primarily due to the excellent replay value.

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