It seems that the Steam Store has been overrun with a lot of really bad products of late. Lots of animated NSFW with CG clips are widely made due to the rapid development. Other NSFW animations are just a few drawings with some text for a short story.

This all started back when Steam decided to take a hands off approach to content.

A good shooter is hard work to develop so not many are made each year.

Strategy games are not quite as demanding on systems but they are also rather demanding on developers mostly as more maps are provided.

Making an open world map is relatively demanding as each chunk of the tile set has to be integrated with each of the edges so that a player can move from one to the next easily. The limited field of view makes rendering an open world more demanding due to the distance effect for mountains etc.

One available tool can make a 100km square map which is huge for a pedestrian player. There is enough room to recreate the entire Normandy coast and recreate D-day with thousands of players.

Now the Steam store is loaded with a lot of low end and worthless material. All the NSFW crud is free on youporn so flooding Steam seems to be stupid. Small wonder it is hard to find a good game.

Slease has not been very commercially successful so eventually it will fade into obscurity as tastes shift elsewhere.


Sadly scammers are now flooding Steam as well. Scammers are using Steam to offer movies etc from dodgy links etc and users are being ripped off left and right. Random URL generators make it almost impossible to track down the criminals. Some are simply redirects to subscription services but others are more sinister.