WDC has reported that approximately 8EB of wafers will be removed from production. They said that the problems should be cleaned up by Q1 2020 which would be July-September (this year).

WDC produces a lot of NAND flash which means a short term blip in the markets. This is temporary as there is lots of product in the channel. No changing in pricing at NewEgg was noticed.

Toshiba has a joint venture with WDC and they have not reported yet but they have a 60:40 deal so they may have lost 6EB of wafers in the Yokkaichi, Japan power failure recently.

The factory is already being cleaned up and production should resume soon as the demand for flash continues to be strong.

WDC/Toshiba estimates full production will resume in mid July. Generally there is enough inventory to negate shortages to large extent, there are lots of manufacturers of NAND flash to handle new orders if needed. Mobile phones use a lot of NAND flash memory but sales have been slowing so the power failure is not as problematic as feared.

The 480 GB SSD in the Lenovo X230 still works fine. The 512 GB SSD in the R5 2400G box also works fine. Capacity upgrades are infrequent as adequate sizes have been available now for several years.


WDC still sells hard disks at up to 6TB on their website while Seagate has larger capacity 8TB models listed. Internet retailers have large numbers of hard disks available. WDC is very focused more on SSD storage but they also are offering shingled disks like Seagate has for archival level storage for corporate use.

Shingled disks have enough peculiarity that they are best off in a NAS etc where resources are available to cope with the needs. With a SSD system disk in a NAS appliance, the shingled disks have found a niche for content delivery but they are not suitable for general consumer use.

Conventional perpendicular disks are available in 14TB capacity which is adequate for even the largest iTunes collections. A NAS device with 14TB disks can handle an even more extreme media library. Rack systems can hold 45 to 60 hard disks and whole rows of storage machines now reaches into the YB range. In short, do not worry about iTunes getting out of hand.