The recent updates for Rage 2 did not do much for the number of players which has dwindled to around 500 today. By comparison, Left 4 Dead 2 still has some 10,000 active players today.

The original Rage has about 50 people playing it today mainly as most have played it already but a few are playing it over mostly as the game is still a great action shooter.

Part of the problem may be the use of the Bethesda loader instead of Steam. Lately several publishers have abandoned Steam due to the high cost of business. Epic published Metro Exodus which we refused to use as a person is impersonating our proprietorship which is a common law offence.

Marketing can only do so much to get attention for a given game. If the public does not like it then they will tell their friends.

Rage 2 is a single player only game, there is no coop play or player vs player in the game. With all of the studios competing in the battle royale genre perhaps a shooter is not the best choice at the moment.

Metro Exodus will surface on Steam next year. Not much can be done for Rage 2 which has not really gained traction.

Rage 2 is a good case study showing how sequels are not a sure thing with games anymore than moves or even novels. Yes there are many examples of success but the risks can be brutal.

Starbreeze has not been in the media much after the court granted an extension. Payday 2 has hung on to its player base better than many games but the clock is ticking. Starbreeze needs to get Payday 3 done before Payday 2 fades away.

Now the summer is in full swing many studios are working on games to get them ready for the fall when more games are sold for the holiday season. Air conditioning bills are not that bad unless the electric costs are high like they are in Germany. Here at the studio electric costs are low but 80 plus platinum is still the mainstay.

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