Ultrastar HDD innovations, including the first commercial implementation of Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording (EAMR) technology, the industry’s first Triple Stage Actuator(TSA), the sixth generation product with HelioSeal technology and Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR), enable the industry’s highest capacities to lower data center TCO.

The Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB CMR HDD and Ultrastar DC HC650 20TB SMR HDD are delivering industry leading capacity for the data center through a combination of new and proven technologies.

Western Digital is the first to deliver Energy-Assisted Magnetic Recording (EAMR) technology and a Triple Stage Actuator (TSA). These new technologies combined with further mechanical innovations and HelioSeal technology provide the industry’s highest capacities to enable data at scale with optimized TCO for data center architectures, while maintaining workload reliability and performance.

Western Digital previewed the 20TB SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) drive in June 2019. The storage giant is betting that SMR drives will represent half of its HDD exabytes shipped by 2023. SMR drives are expected to offer cost savings over PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) drives. For the last year, Western Digital has been working to make SMR performance equal to PMR drives.

Drive managed shingled magnetic recording is transparent to the operating system. The drive itself handles managing the data storage. This allows them to be installed anywhere conventional hard disks are used.

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