Star Trek: Picard has been announced by CBS for 10 episodes to be released this fall. This is on top of the third season of Star Trek: Discovery which is expected to be shown early in 2020.

The show will be shown on CBS All Access and it is carried in Canada by Bell who will broadcast it on the Space network.

Evidently CBS is serious happy with Star Trek given the better than expected ratings when Star Trek: Discovery first aired. CBS has a strong franchise with Star Trek and we applaud them for offering an powerful alternative to more and more comic book based movies. Marvel has been featured on numerous movies.

Many Star Trek games have been published over the years. CBS has allowed many game developers to use the lore for the games.

Star Trek: Online which is presently being published by Perfect World Entertainment has been the most enduring game. Over time with new novels, films and television the game world has been expanded considerably.

Now with Star Trek: Picard gaming has a new platform from which to draw new fans from. To start there are 10 episodes but its likely that more will be ordered if Patrick Stewart can handle the work.

A new series from Section 31 has been discussed but that probably will not be produced for some time down the road. CBS is more focused with Discovery and Picard for the time being.