Gaming is fine entertainment. Unlike more static music and movies, gaming allows the person to be more involved which gives gaming a much deeper dynamic.

Music and games go back deep into tranquility. Archaic games started with stones and over time they evolved. By the time of the Greeks board games were starting to become popular.

Chess seems to have developed along with trade over the millenia. Chess is best seen as a war simulation. Over time various variations seem to have evolved with western chess rules arising around 1450 or so while asian chess seems to be somewhat older.

More recently with the improvement in paper came games like Monopoly and Sorry etc which offered new era family fun.

Computers are interactive and over time games were designed and played. The rapid pace of development of computers lead to a rapid development of games. Modern games today are so realistic that the difference between movies and games have been blurred.

Many games today are games of skill. For that reason systems of ranking them have been devised based on probabilities.

Gaming is not really a hobby however some believe it is. Gaming is simply entertainment plain a simple.

Some with addictive personalities have problems with gaming and the large number of hours played etc. Such people may need professional help.

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