I have sent a message to the Dutch Minister of Justice complaining of the defrauding me of my domain, hardcoregames.biz in an effort to punish the wrongdoing and to make it clear Hardcore Games will not ever back down.

Fraud, personation and money laundering are simply some of the offences possible. Lost business is also recoverable.

The Minister of Justice stated on their web form that they will respond within 2 days which is very good service for a government agency.

The Netherlands legal system is based on the French system. Here in Canada the province of Quebec uses a French legal system with within the federal legal framework.

One way or another recovery of my domain will be achieved. There is a legal system available and I have no problem making a complaint.

A message was immediately emailed to me from the government in both Dutch and English. I am sure they will be getting back to me as there is are viable offences to prosecute.

I have screenshots of the site when it was live and messages with the ICANN which can be provided to the prosecutors if needed.