Many vintage PC games were designed back when a CRT was all that most had. While high resolution displays were available, most could not afford such hardware. Today 3820×2160 is still more prosumer than mainstream but video cards are now increasingly capable of playing games without the need for dual cards.

A few antique games are CRT limited in video modes which motivates accumulating patches. Archiving enough game patches can be published as a torrent for everyone to take advantage of.

Freelancer is not able to handle wide screen displays even though such panels were readily available when it was released. The game is hard coded for 4:3 aspect ratio displays. Microsoft Games has not been willing to patch the game at all.

Tron 2.0 had community support that provided players the opportunity to also enjoy the game with additional screen resolutions.

The Win32 API has a function to determine the current screen resolution. This is the way the loader I made was designed to be able to play Halo: Combat Evolved on modern panels.

When Halo was first released, reviewers tested games at 640×480 but after 25 years of advancements the typical PC now can run the game successfully even at 3840×2160. More recently a patch for Halo was released that eliminated the disk checks and added more native screen resolutions but problems with Windows 10 made the old loader necessary to be able to run the game at all.

There are also a few games like Prey 2006 that cannot get past 1280×720 as the 1920×1200 option is not a proper HD 16:9 resolution. The current publisher is not willing to fix the classic game in favor of selling an update game with the same title.

Valve has updated their entire portfolio of games and all of them can be played at 3840×2160 easily with in-game options. Valve’s games have easy system requirements which means they can run on almost any rig even with integrated graphics.

A couple of games cannot get past 2560×1440 which the LG panel can handle fine.

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