431.60 WHQL

431.60 WHQL is available for Windows Windows 7 x64 and above.

  • SUPER RTX 2080


  • 2599980-Mortal Kombat 11 displaying random white flicker
  • 2626510-Windows 10 May 2019 Update: Banding on some displays after OS update -> Working with Microsoft on a fix
  • 2645203-Mouse may not render correctly after exiting a game after driver update
  • 2659951-GeForce Experience unable to optimize games on certain GPUs after driver update

Those with ntoskrnl dpc latency and 1903 related low fps, please use the insider Release Preview ring to obtain 18362.264 as this has a fix for both. Release Preview is now on 18362.266, the above fix is included.

The Division 2 DX12 crash is still festering, use DX11 to play the game if you can get it to launch. Game has not been working lately at all on the R5 2400G box.

Microsoft telemetry for some game performance issues will be fixed soon and it is now expected to be generally available towards the end of August after some insider beta testing.