431.68 HOTFIX

431.68 Hotfix applies to Windows 10 x64 only.

  • Mouse cursor may render incorrectly after exiting a game

The mouse issue has been noted in Windows 7 as well as in Windows 10. Some users reported 2 mouse cursors after playing a game for several hours.

Many modern games are 64-bit so they are designed to use more memory than older 32-bit ones. RAM prices have continued to come down so installing new 8GB sticks in place of older 4GB sticks makes sense. Prices for 16GB sticks have also come down. The most recent 32GB memory sticks are expensive but these afford the option for 128GB of main memory.

Hitman 2 crashing can be handled by a suitably large paging file. Hitman 2 also runs a lot better with 16GB or more of RAM installed. Other recent AAA games also have been noted to be using a lot of memory.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is not being properly detected with GeForce Experience and nVidia has noticed this so its likely to be fixed in the next driver.

Both Hitman 2 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood seem to relish the 24GB of memory in the R5 2400G box. The move to a full ATX motherboard is needed more for support additional hard disks rather than more memory. X570 motherboards have dual M.2 slots making it possible to clone an SSD.