In a large scale deal worth $1 billion, Apple has bought a portfolio of patents and some 2,200 engineers from Intel.

Intel has elected to focus more on back end systems along with server infrastructure. This means mobile Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to be developed but Intel is leaving the cellular radio business.

Most celular enabled laptops use a qualcomm card in a PCIe slot or soldered to the motherboard. Apple wanted to be able to develop cellular mobile hardware for their phones, laptops and tablets. Apple also uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which has been with the Apple hardware since inception.

Apple has long wanted to reduce its dependency on Qualcomm and the new team of engineers are expected to be focused on new designs for Apple over the coming several years. It’s not known if Intel will be able to use the cellular logic in future mobile platforms until Apple is able to develop it better.

Intel has wanted to improve their 10nm line and now with 2 foundries operating, the expectations for more products for consumers is seen for late 2019 and into 2020. Intel has been able to make smaller mobile hardware more easily at 10nm and they are working to improve the larger die sized desktop and server hardware next.