Originally AMD said that socket AM4 would be fully supported for every CPU they provide. In practice however the 16MB BIOS became overwhelmed rather quickly as MSI and others with rich features had use far too much of the available room,

On the heels of the new MAX lineup of A320, B450 and X470 motherboards, the MSI X570-A PRO Motherboard has also been unavailable along with the rest of the X570 models.

There are some older B350 and X470 boards remaining with the 16MB BIOS but these are already obsoleted. The new MAX motherboards may be available in a month or so.

MSI AM4 ATX Motherboards. The lack of X570 motherboards leads me to speculate that MSI is revising the entire lineup to use the new larger 32MB BIOS chips.

Given the shortages of video cards and motherboards means the existing platform will have to make do.

The existing Intel 660p SSD is 512GB which is adequate but a larger capacity SSD would afford more games to be located there. The 660p tops out at 2TB which is typical for M.2 products and prices have softened since the original 512GB unit was purchased.

Hard disk capacity is still limited which need to managed as well. The average selling price for 4TB disks has come down considerably. Larger capacity disks are readily available up to 8TB for the lowest cost consumer disks. The helium disks are