The Canon MB2320 has long been used sitting on a cardboard banker’s box. The box has lots of room for paper but now the new stand has 2 shelves for paper and other stationary and there is a small drawer that ink cartridges can be stored in.

Changing ink cartridges is easy, The MB2320 automatically moves the empty reservoirs to the removal slot. New ones pop in easily and if more than one color needs to be replaced, the machine will cycle through each one as needed. With 1,200 panes for a set of ink cartridges they do not need to be changed very often in the studio.

The MB2320 uses the standard CMYK printing. The machine uses 4 large cartridges that last for several months in the machine. In practice, ink consumption varies depending on the use of spot color or process color. The larger black cartridge tends to be able to handle at least 2 reams of paper before the printer prompts for a new one.


The dual shelf design makes it easy to place several packs of 20lb copy bond paper handy for reloading the printer. There is also abundant room for a ream of 90lb card stock which may be needed for cover pages etc.

There is plenty of room for boxes of envelopes as well however most mailroom operations use labels with barcodes so that couriers can scan them to get them delivered rapidly. The machine cannot easily fit 9″ by 12″ envelopes. Labels are the usual solution for large envelopes.

The stand has castors which can be locked so that the printer is stable when used as a walk-up copier. The Canon MB2320 has a heavy print head so there is a modicum of vibration as the head moves over the paper or during a cleaning cycle. The stand is flexible and it seems to be able to dampen the movement fairly well.

The black color of the stand makes the printer fit in nicely. Office equipment has long adopted the black color which seems to be popular with consumers as well as office users.

The Canon MB2320 printer paper trays are now much more accessible which will make reloading the machine much easier. The MB2310 has two 250 sheet trays so its possible to load different types of media into the machine.

The printer can make full color business cards which will be helpful for marketing services. The MB2320 gives the studio a professional grade print shop capability. The MB2320 has a 15,000 page per month duty cycle so it is robust enough to handle even commercial use.

The MB2320 is high enough quality to easily print photographs on plain paper or on coated photographic paper. In fact the machine has printed more photographs than it has plain sheets, but the machine’s duty cycle is far more than the current workload.

Scanning documents wirelessly is convenient as the MB2320 is available to an entire workgroup. Once the Wi-Fi is configured, the machine can be placed anywhere within the Wi-Fi coverage area.

The auto feeder on the MB2320 can handle scanning up to 50 pages at a time. The software can continue scanning if more pages are added to the ADF. This allows the machine to scan as many pages as needed with no practical limit.


Given the wireless nature of printers today, it’s now possible to have several machines all connected to the LAN. Large format printers are available that can print tabloid or larger size papers. Inkjet printers are available to handle even large construction blueprints.

If several printers are in use, the Network in Windows will show the model of the printer under Printers as well as under Scanners. In principle with a larger network that several machines could be in use. The Canon MB2320 is available to every LAN client that has the driver installed.

MB2320 on stand