Corsair has granted a RMA on the AX860i PSU which has been a nuisance. They said it would be a day or two before shipping. The replacement was shipped on Monday August 8, 32019 from Taoyuan, Taiwan and UPS expects to deliver it the following day on Tuesday by taking advantage of the international date line. UPS Worldwide Express is expensive but large volume deals are common.

The AX860i has not damaged anything and Corsair does not even want me to send it back. This means I will now have an abundance of Corsair cables for peripherals.


Somebody on the Corsair forum posted that he received an HX1000i which is similar with slightly more 12V current.

Corsair’s HXi line is classified as their second-best, under the flagship AXi series. Both are 80 PLUS platinum which makes them very efficient.

The HX1000i is slightly less expensive than the AX860i which was the flagship model before the 1200W and 1500W models were offered. Still the HX1000i is also supports the iCue software.

Until the Corsair package arrives the R5 2400G machine has been powered down pending a replacement PSU for several weeks. Spare power supplies are available but with Corsair stepping up there is no need to rebuild the machine as the existing cabling will fit like a glove.

The Lenovo X230 has been handy as it can maintain websites anywhere from the home office to the local coffee shop.


Many of the video cards I use can draw upwards of 250W each. For that reason, it makes sense to have a 850W class PSU to support dual cards.

The Radeon HD 7990 has three PCIe power connectors to supply it with enough power. There are many other high-end cards that also have triple PCIe requirements.

The AX860i has abundant PCIe cables and now wth the new PSU, additional PCIe cables will mean no shortage of power can be contemplated for video cards at all. Even with dual extreme cards, the AX860i has enough power and cables to cope.

Bumping the maximum power simply reinforces the power pig mentality in the studio. Extreme cards are not widely sold due the cost and the additional cost of a suitable PSU further dusades many,


The HD 6970 was 267W to be able to play any game at 1920×1080 back when it was new. Now the GTX 1060 can do all that and even play games at 3840×2160 and it only uses 120W of power.

When nVidia Ampere surfaces its likely that a more powerful card than the GTX 1060 will be available in the 120W class. The single 8-pin PCIe class card seems to be the route that gaming cards are aiming for. Still, there is likely to be 200W class cards with dual PCIe requirements when Ampere ships.