While waiting on a few other transactions I ordered up a MSI X570-A Pro motherboard for the R5 2400G processor. The main goal was to modernize and migrate to a full ATX class motherboard. The motherboard was $214 Canadian but taxes and shipping raised it to $246.38.

The old MSI B350M Bazooka still works but increasingly its limitations have been an issue. The faster performance of the X570 chipset should materially improve performance. Socket AM4 is likely to be in use for several years which supports the conjecture of more processors in the future.

There is a long list of new features and the basic version of the X570 will allow for a lot of gaming potential. All of the existing hardware will work on the new motherboard so its a drop in replacement.

The X570 wants dual power cables to the motherboard and the AX860i has enough cables for the task. It seems that power requirements are higher with modern machines. The MSI X570-A Pro wants an EPS12V and an ATX12V cable rather than dual EPS12V.

There are two PCIe cards to be installed, the Intel 9260 Wi-Fi card and a VIA IEEE 1394 card. Generally there are more PCIe slots on full ATX motherboards. The PCIe Wi-FI can be replaced as new standards are published which is a big advantage over integrated solutions. The IEEE 1394 card is there for supporting old digital video hardware.

With more SATA ports the is now an option for a BD drive to perk up media playback. The MSI X570-A Pro has 6 SATA ports so all 4 drive bays can be used in addition to the BD drive. SATA cards are available for more extreme chassis with additional drive bays such as the EATX Corsair Obsidian 750D.

The dual M.2 slots make it trivial to clone the SSD when a new larger capacity one is acquired.

Currently 24GB of memory is installed but the X570 supports the larger capacity 32GB DDR4 memory now coming to market.

The AMD Ryzen R5 2400G was on the CPU support list but now a new processor is needed. The BIOS is 256 megabit (32MB) so there is room for expanded tables when new processors are released.

More hard disks can be procured with the MSI X570-A Pro installed. At present consumer disks top out at 8 TB but corporate disks are available at up to 16 TB so its possible for consumers to have vast amounts of storage. The volume of games in the studio is the main motivator. More games are published daily and it suggests that one of the Seagate data center systems is not so far fetched.