A week ago last Saturday, a large 36×72 executive desk was ordered on eBay. Apparently the transfer agent does not ship items to Vancouver Island so the vendor was forced to cancel.

Searching around with Google has found other vendors but until funds are returned to the bank account, I am forced to wait. Wayfair has the desk desired but it costs slightly more.


Meanwhile an expensive office chair, floor mat and a box of copy bond paper have not surfaced yet from Staples. It seems that they also have issues with execution.

Staples said they have the chair in inventory. There seems to be an issue with their operations.


The RMA from Corsair is stuck in customs which may take a while before it is loaded onto a truck. Hopefully there are no issues with customs who are eager to grab cash at every turn. An exception on the address was noticed which is due to an apparent error with the postal code.

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