The Corsair HX1000i arrived today and it powered up fine after installing it. The machine is being left on to see if the PSU is stable The old AX860i tended to shut down.

The company sent it all the way from Taoyuan, Taiwan via UPS express. Clearly Corsair is up to its eyeballs helping customers stabilize their rigs.

Corsair Memory Co. Ltd
SF-1 No. 5 HangXiang Road
Taoyuan City
Taiwan 33747

The box weighted some 4.5 kg so the shipping cost was pretty brutal. Undoubtedly Corsair has a contract with UPS .

Immediately the HX1000i presented as 20mm bigger than the AX860i at 180mm deep. This higher capacity power supplies tend to be larger to handle the additional components needed. The HAF 932 chassis can handle the HX1000i 180mm size without problem.

There is a supplied USB cable for the HD1000i which allows it to me monitored by the iCue software The PSU can be also managed with the Link software if its already installed. The LED switches from red to green not unlike the link unit with the AX860i.

The machine is going to be rebuilt once the new motherboard arrives in the next few day. This will allow the machine to be more flexible in the future. Hopefully the HD1000i will survive to handle the machine looking forward.

The studio now has a lot of Corsair type 3 cables for motherboards, video cards and peripherals galore. The spares will likely never be needed. The OEM black cables are quite adequate for their intended purpose,

Running MSI Kombustor was problem free an the GTX 1060 continued to be thermally stable although hot at 90°C which is slightly below the thermal throttle.

Looking at Corsair Link the HX1000i is set for single rail and a custom fan profile. The monitor shows the machine draws 3-4A of 12V current with office applications which leaves close to 80A in reserve. No disputing that the HX1000i is serious overkill when working on the website etc. Where it does matter is when there is a demanding game playing and then the 12V load jumps slightly. The GTX 1060 needs about 9A max.


The LED on the HX1000i is different than the LED on the AX860i. When it starts up it is green but once the machine is powered and idle it turns red or alternates between green and red. The HX1000i does not shut down and it simply continues to operate. This is in contrast to the AX860i which shuts the PC down immediately.


The old Lenovo X230 has served the shop well over the years. When the desktop was broken this machine can handle work quite easily as the machine has an i5 class processor. While older, the machine is still very viable with the installed 8GB of memory and the 480GB SSD.

Looking over eBay for an X250 finds the machine has only one memory slot compare to the two on the X230 which means the older machine can have 16GB installed vs only 8 GB. Both have the same 1366×768 panel. The disadvantages for the X250 are plentiful.

The T550 is a larger 15″ class machine which would immediately obsolete the old T500 with its fading CCFL screen. Such a machine is also lighter which would improve on the field use.