Found a Lorell executive desk for free, was able to get it over to the new studio in cab cheap. There are only 4 pieces to the entre desk and it fit the car with the rear seat down fine. Desks are sold disassembled from many retailers. Lorell has 5 sizes of the basic desk and the desk here is the largest of the series.


Reassembly was difficult mostly due to the wear on the fittings which was augmented with brackets. Better is to drill new holes and use long screws to rigidly secure the desk components. Inserts are available to allow screws to be removed easily or they can be permanently attached forcing the desk to be permanently assembled.

The desk is 36″ by 72″ which affords an enormous amount of room for a large monitor and other components. Keeping the machine beside the desk makes more sense.

A monitor arm is one way to keep the desk surface clear. This would make it possible to repair machines on the desk due to the vast amount of space. The remote monitor can be used to display service manuals. Of course, a laptop can also manage with manuals as well.

There is enough room for even a 42″ LCD with the large desk area. Still the 27″ LG 27UL500 is very serviceable. The screen is incredibly bright and can easily be viewed even at a large distance.

Overall the large desk is very helpful in the new studio as the desk can double as a work area so there is no need for the folding table anymore.

Staples is still dragging their feet. We ordered and paid for a Raynor gaming chair, floor mat and a box of letter sheet paper. Today makes it 10 days now waiting delivery. So far this month it has been hectic trying to get the studio ready for general operations.

Due to taxes in Canada even VOIP is not a solution for the MB2320 fax capability, Taxes are about $5 a month which is one of the reasons mobile services are so expensive. Telus costs $34 per month for a standard line that does work with the fax machine service.