NO R5 2400G ON X570

Testing my R5 2400G on the X570 was an exercise in futility. Obviously, Lisa Su lied to AM4 users who had the R3 2200G and R52400G along with the Ryzen 1000 series would be supported.

So AMD can either post a new AGESA table or give me a new compatible CPU. My CPU is socket AM4 so the promise of backwards compatibility is broken.

AMD was clear that socket AM4 when it launched would be around till at least 2020 so the expectations of consumers is based on this to large extent.

Sure a new CPU can be procured but the studio is not exactly swimming in loot. A new R5 class CPU is not exactly inexpensive.

The X570 is socket AM4 and DDR4 based. The R9 3900X is $699 in Canada which is a tad expensive.


So now the MSI X570 Pro is an expensive paper weight. Once a new BIOS that supports the oler AM4 processors the board has a BIOS update that only needs power to operate. One of the USB ports with a MSI.ROM file containing the BIOS is all that is needed, there is a button to start the process.


  • Supports 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ / Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Vega Graphics and 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ with Radeon™ Graphics Desktop Processors for AM4 socket
  • Supports 4 DIMMs, Dual Channel Memory DDR4, up to 4400+(OC) MHz
  • Lightning Gen 4 Solution: The latest Gen4 PCI-E and M.2 solution with up to 64GB/s bandwidth for maximum transfer speed and performance.
  • Frozr Heatsink Design : Designed with the patented fan and double ball bearings to provide best performance for enthusiast gamers and prosumers.
  • Set Core Power Free: Core Boost, 8+4 pin CPU power connectors, DDR4 Boost
  • Audio Boost 4 with NAHIMIC: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality.
  • Multi-GPU: With Steel armor PCI-E slots. Supports 2-Way AMD Crossfire™
  • AMD Turbo USB 3.2 Gen2: Powered by AMD USB 3.2 Gen2 controller, ensures an uninterrupted connection with more stability and fastest USB speeds

The first feature is clear, Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics (R5 2400G) so we have a problem of false advertising.


Given the features include: Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics, this means my R5 2400G should work and so should the more affordable R3 2200G. I do not expect the CPU to be stupendous but I wanted to use it while I decide if the current crop of processors might be replaced with a new set next year.

I realize my CPU is PCIe 3.0 like the Ryzen 2000 series generally. The graphics card is driven directly by the CPU and the south bridge is provided with 4 PCIe lanes.

AMD has repeatedly said socket AM4 would be backwards and forwards compatible right through 2020. DDR5 is expected to come to corporate market first before it finds its way consumers.

On May 30, 2019 AMD said that X570 will support the Raven Ridge processors which are the R3 2200G and R5 2400G. Techspot posted this on their piece re: X570.

Having spent a wad on motherboards there is not much cash left for more hardware for quite a while. The R9 3950X is very expensive ($749) but it does offer 72MB of L3 cache.

The MSI X570-A Pro has an HDMI port on the I/O shield so the R5 2400G can support that directly from the CPU itself. The GTX 1060 however negates the need for integrated graphics. The video card reduces the CPU power to 46W which makes it incredibly energy efficient.

The R5 2400G is 65W with the Vega 11 graphics. The reason I chose this CPU was mainly the advantages over the old Phenom II X4 964. The Vega 11 graphics means the CPU can be used without a video card as a server, NAS box or otherwise. Windows 10 uses the GPU so even with remote desktop the Vega 11 are available for Windows Desktop Manager,


Griping on forums shows that nobody can read. Evidently literacy class has been skipped again. AMD is aware of my position as well. May was well scream rant and rave for some amusement.

A thread on the MSI forum went nowhere. So that is not how you treat customers.

I made a screenshot of the product features so I can use it against them. I am sticking to my position that my R5 2400G APU is on the list of CPU classes. The R5 2400G is Ryzen with Radeon Vega 11 Graphics, which gives 1700 GFLOPS which is not bad at all for integrated hardware.

AMD has changed their page for X570. According to NewEgg my R5 2400G CPU was ordered on February 20, 2019. So the X570 was sold under false pretences.


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Now AMD has tied the purchase of a CPU to be able to use the X570 motherboard, the existing AM4 CPUs has been left twisting in the wind.