Over in Korea reports that some 97% of the exchanges are now close to insolvency. Things are so bad, that even money laundering has had to move on. Efforts to list on other exchanges has been difficult.

The effort from Facebook has now collapsed completely. So any corporate support has now faded completely. Some corporations liked the underlying blockchain algorithms which make transaction journals more secure etc. Libra was flawed from the start as the decentralized nature of bitcoin et al depend on independent verification. Nobody trusts Facebook much.

The fallout from the bubble may be hard for some to swallow but gaming has endured and survived. Used video cards are increasingly lower in price as the flood continues unabated.

I studied economics at university and bubbles are also brought up in philosophy when considering the human nature that leads to bubbles. Generally better educated people are less likely be become caught up with an irrational exuberance. There is also the idea of expectation, many are dismayed when markets are nonexistent.

The GTX 1060 in the studio was formerly used for mining before it was “rescued” and rehabilitated back into gaming. The gavel fell at $137 Canadian for a card that was selling at the time for $240 American new in a box. The card has remained in use with the balance of the EVGA warranty transferred to the studio fine.

Radeon Polaris video cards offer more VRAM which has been desirable for gaming at 4K. The RX 580 8GB originally launched at $229. Prices now at less than 50% of the new in box price and falling. The 8GB VRAM is mostly driven by the 4K panel and game requirements.