After reporting Samsung with 32 GB UDIMM DDR4 memory for consumer desktops (M378A4G43MB1) we have now noticed Micron is now also ramping up 32 GB UDIMM DDR4 memory.

ASRock showed off Micron’s 32 GB DDR4 modules at this year’s Computex, which confirms that Micron is sampling the new chips to and modules to customers and partners.

Corsair has a set of four 32 GB memory sticks for well under $800 which is unreal. 12 months ago 128 GB was over $2000.

Supplies are still limited but indications are good that supplies will ramp up into the later part of 2019. With two foundries cranking out 16 gigabit memory the prospects for 128 GB in a consumer machine suggest PC gaming can reach new heights of sophistication.

Video cards have also expanded VRAM considerably in recent years and while 8 GB is most common the move to 16 GB VRAM is expected to be more mainstream into 2020. With more VRAM games can use more decals and textures to render richer scenes.

Somebody with a BIOSTAR X370GT5 used the Linux dmidecode which said the motherboard was able to handle up to 256 GB of RAM suggesting the expectation of 32 gigabit memory chips down the road.

This put a bit of pressure on AMD and Intel to make sure there are enough physical address lines to handle the addressing requirements. Moving to a full 64 physical address lines provides the full 18EB off address space.