At last look Intel was confident that their new discrete GPU will be competitive with AMD and Nvidia in the summer of 2020.

The Intel Xe 2 has a long list of absolutely profound features.

Intel Xe 2 GPU
Process7nm (Intel)
Stream Processors12288 (6144 x2)
Core Clock (Boost)1600 MHz (2718 MHz)
Memory32 GB D XPoint
Memory Bandwidth8 TB/s
Peak Performance66.8 TFLOPs
Die Size600mm2 (x2)
InterconnectUnknown (TSV based)
Feature LevelDirect3D 12_2
Power Connectors3x 8-pin
Expected MSRP$699 (TBC)
Estimated Launch Date6/31 2020

The performance of 66 TFLOPS will solve the problem of enough performance to play games on the LG panel. With 32GB of storage there is enough for handling game rendering engines.

If Intel can get their 7nm line working well then AMD and Nvidia will be facing a big push to come up with something competitive. 66 TFLOPS is far beyond the flagship cards available now..

Xe is designed to harness multiple GPU cores like never before. The 600mm2 die is also larger than AMD and nVidia offer with their high-end cards.

The 3D XPoint memory is new.Intel has spent a lot of cash on developing this new storage and they have are closer to the dream made back when the first announced the new technology. It remains to be seen if Intel can make their Xpoint memory work fast enough for gaming.

Most likely the consumer version of Xe will be made on the 10nm line for 2020. The 7nm hardware will likely be available in 2021 based on the latest roadmaps from Intel. Perhaps when CES 2020 rolls around more will be revealed over what is now known.

It is known that Intel wants to put the Xe graphics into the $200 market which would mandate GDDR6 memory which is less expensive. Most like a reduction in the 32GB would be necessary as well to reduce the price.

Most likely, following the launch, that Intel will try to offer products across the full market range similar to the way AMD and nVidia are doing now.