Today on Twitter and posted an image promising that by September 10, 2019 that a new BIOS will be available for the Ryzen 3000 series which are not performing as well as some wanted them to.

There has been a few threads on the AMD forum over the R9 3900 CPU in addition to other models in the series. Most are using Cinebench instead of a range of tests suggesting a lack of real imagination.

The MSI X570 motherboard continues to rot away in its box. Reminders about backwards compatibility seem to be falling on deaf ears.

THE X470

The X470 Gaming Plus is going to have to make do. The machine took quite some time to stabilize it. So given the X470 will be supporting the Ryzen 3000 processors there is the problem of already having a CPU installed.

CPU upgrades are a non starter, not at all many at all go and rip out a CPU. Meltdown and Spectre affected laptops which generally cannot have the CPU replaced at all. All of the Lenovo machines in the studio were caught up in that fiasco.

The BIOS lacks a lot of functionality that may be some time before MSI can cough up with a fix.