Pew-Pew Rocket was developed and released on September 3, 2019. Pew-Pew Rocket is a 2D space shooter.

Pew Pew Rocket is a space shooter but with a unique twist, Instead of shooting lasers and plasma’s it mixes together a guitar hero type beat system in which to destroy your enemy! Instead of explosions its instead beautiful fireworks!

Gameplay is close to the genre of the old coin op arcades of old. The game features 3 difficulties to play through, 3 ships and a sick soundtrack for each level.

You play by shooting out a Directional key, or X,A,Y,B on the Xbox Controller, and you will need to hit the correct key as it passes over an enemy ship.


Operating SystemWindows 7 or better
CPUAthlon 3000G or better
Memory3 GB or more
Hard Drive Space5445 MB
Graphics HardwareHD 6850 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required

If you have a higher refresh panel this game will still be locked at 60 fps. This game supports both keyboard/mouse or controller with a choice menu at the start of the game.