Had to swing the axe with Azure as my account was toast. All because a moderator could not stand that a vegan was better than he was.

Now that the account is closed completely I will be here with WordPress for the time being.

An email from them, sorry to see you go. Go ask ZigZag3143x about that who took it upon himself to so do things untoward. Essentially he could not stand that a vegan could do better and resorted to criminal acts which carry a very severe penalty.

Azure told me to make a new account. Not happening, the prejudice is the reason. Nobody likes it when they are treated like shit. Customers will go tell others and that is why this rant is posted.

I have 4 old Lenovo laptops and there are lots more where they came from. They can be piled up high and they do not use all that much power. SATA SSD drivers are cheaper than ever and while overkill they are now big enough to be very useful.

Lenovo machines are well made and while Lenovo and Intel dislike refurbishing the machines, this is driven by ulterior motives like buying a new machine instead. Lenovo machines are expensive whis is why most machines are used by governments and corporations. Lenovo machines often have two or three LCD options.

Microsoft has no idea who they have incensed, I defend my abilities tooth and nail. I will be asking at least $10,000 per month for lost earning potential and more for prejudice.

There is a complete backup of the site by FTP and there are several copies of the database. Using the hosts file the domain can be faked and redirected to local host. Then this WordPress version can be downloaded and copied to the old site database where categories can be assigned etc.