Due to the problems reported with flakey updates and machine problems, Microsoft has elected to change the update process. If you have not updated to Windows 10 version 1903, this should be installed so that the new update model comes into effect. Windows 10 version 1909 will be delivered as a service pack which will make installation faster.

Generally the new features were being added at a feverish pace. This proved to be more than even a legion of testers could handle to make Windows as stable and polished as the company would like.

The Windows Insider Fast Ring is currently testing Windows 10 version 2003 (March 2020) right now. The Slow Ring is currently testing Windows 10 version 1909.

Now the idea at Microsoft is to have one major update annually with smaller update rollups to handle bug fixes etc. New features may be introduced in a smaller update depending on the complexity.

Installing a major update on a hard disk can take several hours. For that reason the service pack can be installed in far less time.

By comparison, an M.2 SSD can install a major update in under 30 minutes but many Windows 10 users cannot use an M.2 SSD however many are using SATA SSD products now that prices are low enough that even the poorest can afford them. Recent prices for 240GB SATA SSD have fallen to below $30. Prices for 120GB SATA SSD are below $20 but a larger capacity model have many advantages. 480GB SSD drives are popular with room for many games.