The DLL has been spotted by several user who reported their rigs GPU was active when the machine was idle. Apparently is evidently a secretive coin miner hiding on a hard disk. It seems that monero is being mined in browser and now bundled on people’s PCs. Earlier, there used to be a CPU version of this BTC miner. It also was slow to be detected.

check C:\ for xmrig-cuda.dll and other disks if any software is installed. Check in appdata where it most likely to be hiding.

Windows defender does not recognize it as malicious and neither does Malwarebytes when checked. If you find this DLL send it to every security company you can as it is clearly a coin miner. Removing the seems prudent in light of the discovery of another sneaky coin miner.

If you machine does not seem to be working as expected it is very likely malare like this coin miner is trying to make a buck using your expensive hardware for free.