Since August 7, 2019 when nVidia changed their forum for some new idea they have only made it worse for their customers.

The three column design has dispensed with the old forum tree completely in favor of consolidated content. Now it’s almost impossible to find anything.

Scrolling the mouse wheel over hundreds of messages is causing many to suffer repetitive strain injuries. RSI is not fun at all. Pagination has not been implemented as of this writing.

This thread is 7 years old and it tops the gaming rigs topic.

The old forum needed to be cleaned up, not a wholesale new front end. A forum has some design constraints and nVidia management maybe does not understand that.

While the content is present, unpaginated content will pagerank lower than better formatted posts.

phpBB is the most widely used forum package and many others are available for use. WordPress can have phpBB bolted on but now there is a plugin to handle this functionality. At present the site is continuing to stick to basics while a new web server is readied.