Recent changes in the Steam store have been controversial. The logic used to select games has been changed which has unduly hurt smaller independent studios.

For years now, Steam has had trouble presenting smaller games to users who might be interested in them. Recall the flap over adult games before the Store changed policies.

Many studios are reporting that wishlisting has fallen considerably. Recommended games also were skewed. Some are worried about Steam ignoring tags etc. Most games that are being ignored are games under development and listed on Steam.

Publishers with 20+ games seem to fare better than those with only a single game.

Between this algorithmic change and experimental new tools like an AI that scans your playtime and helps you figure out what to buy next, it seems like Valve is finally making a concerted effort to minimize the problem.

Valve has worked on the logic for a long time and at the end of the day there will always be somebody that is unhappy. This is the nature of the beast.