More and more internet stores are soliciting for subscribers. There are so many games available that it can flood an enthusiast’s storage very rapidly.

Humble Bundle wants $12 per month while Uplay wants $20 per month. Origin has two tiers with the basic costing $5 per month and the premier costing $20 per month. Other stores have various other offerings.

Due to trademark infringement Epic is not considered after ignoring complaints. EA is also ignoring trademarks which is also criminal.

Season passes are more focused on a specific game. Sometimes a game may be under development for more then 2 years following its initial release. Often the game is then discounted as bundle which is a popular way to get more sales.

Here at Hardcore Games more and more hard disks are being installed to cope with the flood of games sent to be reviewed. On average about 15-20 new games are reviewed and it seems that more and more games are offered to be reviewed and promoted.

At least 2 more 4 TB hard disks are being considered to handle the flood. The larger capacity disks are increasingly looking attractive mainly as smaller disks needs to be replaced. The existing Intel 660p 512 GB SSD has been reliable but the larger 2TB model is now less costly and it does appear to have more merit as more many more games can be stored on it for faster loading.

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