The Corsair 275R Airflow is a basic ATX mid tower chassis,

  • CC-9011181-WW
  • A slatted front panel design allows ample airflow into your system for more efficient cooling.
  • Clean and modern styling, with an angled ventilation pattern and a transparent tempered glass side panel that provides a window into your system.
  • Includes three 120mm cooling fans for powerful airflow out of the box.
  • Room to install up to 6x 120mm cooling fans or multiple radiators in sizes up to 360mm.
  • Drive trays accommodate up to two 3.5in HDDs and two 2.5in SSDs, with two additional 2.5in mounts.
  • Direct Airflow Path ensures an obstruction-free layout that channels cool air to your PC’s hottest components.
  • Intuitively placed cable routing channels and tie-downs make for simple and tidy cabling that helps optimize airflow.
  • Removable dust filters in the front, roof, and floor keep your system clean after the build is finished.

Cable management in contemporary chassis is designed around the cowl at the motto which conceals the hard disks and the SSD are under the motherboard tray.

The 275R Airflow comes with a pair of 120mm front fans and a single 120mm rear fan. The 275R also fits 140mm fans on front and there is room for a radiator or a pair of top mounted fans. The supplied fans are quite adequate to handle integrated graphics or a basic graphics card.

The front grill is easily removed to clean as well as to access the fans for cleaning. The front USB 3.0 ports are convenient for using a USB stick to backup files. Using several USB sticks in rotation allows for redundancy in case of the unthinkable.

There is lots of room for a larger capacity power supply. The HX1000i, for example, fits the 275R easily. Given the chassis is able to handle dual cards its not a bad choice to run SLI or CFX with gaming cards.

Many are now using Bluetooth headphones which afford more freedom of movement. This gives credence to motherboards with integrated WiFi which are now more widely available. Some X470, X570 and B550 motherboards have WiFi options using the Intel AX200 or AX210.

Cable management is easily done with the 275R. Everything is positioned to easily cable manage the setup. SATA cable are available in a wide range of lengths. SATA power cables and splitters are also widely available. Grommets are provided to attach zip ties along the edge for the EPS12V cable etc. The hard disk cage can be removed if disks are not intended. SATA SSD now reach 4TB and 8TB models are now being made.

The glass side panel is fairly heavy requiring a safe place when working on the machine to replace parts etc. The other panel has screw retainers so they do not get lost easily. The USB 3.0 type A is now giving way to USB type C which is mandated with USB 4.0 which bumps the speeds to 40 gigabits.