Lately on one of the more brutal Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop servers, the loadout with tesla cannon, autogun and tesla sentries seems to be safest. The tesla cannon does not cause any friendly fire damage.

With the game on the hardest brutal setting with onslaught enabled is bad enough but some servers have 4x more bugs to shoot.

The custom (Ch1cken) server allows players to pick up tesla sentries to place them elsewhere. This means they can be inched along when there are wall to wall creepies to shoot. The server also has unlimited ammo on most weapons so the autogun can help keep the swarm back when a player is solving a puzzle.

Even with unlimited ammo the extreme game server is still extremely challenging which is why it’s popular with the regulars.

After some 200 hours of gameplay in Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop, I am still a ways from level 34 which is the highest in the game. Each medallion makes it harder and harder to level up to become outright slow. I should make level 34 before Halloween which will mean I have the 7th and final medallion and and have reached the highest score.

The strategy is to slowly move along the map and use the tesla sentries to impede the aliens attacks. This makes it a lot easier to eliminate them and move on.

The autogun is best when a puzzle has to be solved as they sometimes have triggers to spawn more aliens. Trigger points are abundant on the extra brutal servers.

Some players use the grenade gun but that takes a lot of practice to be good enough to not kill the other players. Best best to improve is to play solo with some bots and learn its gameplay.


Be aware that the challenge mode on some servers have more bugs to shoot. Playing on the custom server seems to warm up the machine more than the stock servers. Mostly likely due to the larger numbers of aliens to shoot, rendering is pushing the machine harder.

Making the game 64-bit makes sense. This would allow much better memory management. Then cards with 16GB of VRAM can be leveraged.


There is a tutorial but there is a problem with the 7z download from google drive that chrome flagged as malware. Cut and paste still works.