USB 4.0

msi usb logo strip

USB 4.0 is now published. The new standard calls for:

  • Two-lane operation using existing USB Type-C cables and up to 40 Gbps operation over 40 Gbps certified cables
  • Multiple data and display protocols that efficiently share the maximum aggregate bandwidth
  • Backward compatibility with USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3

Existing Type-A ports will continue to exist while the transition moves forward. The front panel box offers a Type-C port so that devices can be connected easily.

The PC already has began to transition to Type-C. The MSI 570-A PRO motherboard has a Type-C port at the I/O shield. More Type-C ports are inevitable as more hardware becomes available.

  • USB 2.0 is 480 megabit
  • USB SuperSpeed is 5 megabit
  • USB SuperSpeed+ is 10 megabit
  • USB SuperSpeed++ is 20 megabit
  • USB 4.0 is 40 megabit

New high bandwidth cables will be available in a few months. The existing charger cables are adequate for lower bandwidth needs.

Over the next 5 years as the DDR5 era unfolds the adoption of USB-C will accelerate substantially. New generation motherboards will offer faster USB and power deliver will drive changes as well.

Docks like the unit above are popular with Apple and other slender laptop vendors. The single USB-C cable connects to the laptop and the power connects to the port expander. The dock allows several legacy devices such as USB-A connectors along with card readers and Ethernet.

The studio has a MacBook Retina machine which is why the dock was procured. The dock makes the MacBook more of a desktop while in the field its ultra mobile capability is astounding. New model units are likely to come to market in the coming years as USB 4.0 becomes more pervasive.