One the great advantages of a USB bluetooth radio or WiFi card is that there is a huge range of devices available now.

Starting with mobile phones who have used bluetooth for earpieces and headphones etc have led to an explosion of new ideas.

Bluetooth speakers have also exploded onto the scene but bandwidth limitations limit the support to just one system at a time. Bluetooth is limited to 3 megabit which limits the number of active devices.

To solve the bandwidth problem, JBL and other have apps that can use the speaker’s bluetooth radios to act as additional sources.

Game controllers have adopted bluetooth so that cordless gamepads can be used. Consoles can support several gamepads at once. Very few games on the PC have supported split screen which is one of the reasons many do not consider a gamepad.

xbox carbon black controller


Controllers like the Microsoft dual shock gamepad for the Xbox 360 are supported in Windows by using a controller adapter. Game support varies and many games have at least partial controller support. The USB dongle supports the entire range of Xbox 360 peripherals.

The Xbox One wireless controller is different from the Xbox 360 but it also can be used with Windows using a USB adapter. The latest controllers finally now support bluetooth eliminating the need for a USB dongle. Check labels.

Microsoft has often used proprietary solutions instead open ones. The Xbox 360 does not have WiFi so a USB version has to be used. Several USB WiFi solutions for the Xbox 360 are available. Even the Xbox One does not have bluetooth support.

The Xbox One wired USB controllers will work with Windows.


The PS3 came with Bluetooth 2 EDR. The dualshock 3 wireless controllers support bluetooth as do the PS4 dualshock 4 gamepads. There are a vast number of low cost PS3 and PS4 gamepads available.


Third party controllers are also readily available which can do the job but they tend to be less well made which can be a nuisance when playing games 8 hours a day.

So if you gaming box does not have a bluetooth controller, they low cost and adding one will enable a huge range of new ideas for gaming.

You will need two adapters to use the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, one for each. Playstation controllers use bluetooth widely.

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