Given the need to repair the Corsair SPEC-01, the old Cooler Master HAF 932 is back to work. The HAF 932 needs some minor repairs but it is ready for use.

The original castors were replaced with standard rubber feet so the machine could be placed on a desk. The 36″ x 72″ desk is large enough to handle the larger HAF 932 which makes for an impressive sight.

The SPEC-01 needs to be stripped down completely to finish repairs. The front panel assembly needed to be replaced as the USB 3.0 cable is damaged. The SPEC-01 is now available for a new build.


Parts pending include:

  • USB Bluetooth
  • additional USB 2.0 splitter
  • additional front panel USB 3.0 box
  • SATA controller card
  • additional high capacity hard disks

The HAF series offer bottom PSU location so cable management is easy. It has been a role model for design since as many of the features are very popular. The HAF 932 has five hard disk bays, five DVD bays. The floppy slot is obsolete but the bay can be opened for a front panel box.

The USB splitter is a necessary component with the HAF 932 and modern motherboards. USB is now moving to a new reversible type C connector. USB 4.0 will be type C only which will push change. The existing USB 3.0 front panel box has a type C along with type A. The card reader uses a USB 2.0 header.

The existing IEEE 1394 card has a header. It is shared with the internal connector. This permits the front panel Firewire to be available. The card permits rear panel Firewire. Firewire is still widely used with professional audio and video. The available Avid tools can leverage any and all hardware. Pinnacle also supports digital video.

SDI cards largely use 8 PCIe lanes. SDI is used by D5 decks and edit bays. SDI it also used with Red cameras at up to 8K resolution. So far no card has been seen with Firewire and SDI combined. Some SDI cards have several ports but check to be sure the card has enough bandwidth for 8K video.

A custom dust filter is needed for the PSU so that dust does not become a problem. Mesh is readily available and black plastic can be trimmed to size as well.

The Corsair HX1000i fits the HAF 932 easily. The power cables for the motherboard installed easily and adding zip-ties to hold them secure. The HAF 932 has several cable eyes that the zip-ties can anchor to. Not many chassis offer cable eyes for management. Stick on cable tie anchors are low cost if needed.

The space inside the HAF 932 is impressive, it is much easier to work in compared to what most people endure. The motherboard dops in rapidly and there was no issue positioning the X470 into alignment. Swapping motherboards is easy with managed power cables so once a new processor is procured the X570 be deployed.

New SATA cables allowed for easy bundling from the motherboard to the disk cage with a set of identical cables. The only real problem is not the SATA cables which have enough ports for five hard disks. The power cable is limited to four so low cost expander cables are needed. The HX1000i has abundant peripheral connectors for every possible need.

All of the hard disks from the SPEC-01 were moved to the HAF 932. With the optical disk all six of the SATA cables are in use. With the 5 disk capacity it affords even more flexibility for extreme storage. RAID get started this way as storage exceeded the capacity available hard disks. Capacity today is abundant from a gaming perspective.

SATA port multipliers are handy. Many lower cost motherboards lack enough SATA ports. SATA port multipliers sell for under $20.

The video card cables tend to be higher up as many cards have PCIe connectors on the top rather on the end of the card. EVGA actually offers a shroud to help manage cables with their cards.

ChassisCooler Master HAF932
PSUCorsair HX1000i
MotherboardMSI X470 Gaming Plus
CPUAMD Ryzen R5 2400G
MemoryG.Skill NT 24 GB DDR4-2400
StorageIntel 660p 512 GB M.2 SSD
Graphics HardwareSapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Professional x64
NetworkDOCIS 3 cable internet

There are two fans on the front and back and there is also a top fan for extra cooling. The side panel fan is also huge making the machine so cool with modern hardware. There are adequate fan headers on the MSI X470 to operate all of the fans with PWM control allowing for managed airflow. The Cooler Master red LED A23030-10CB-3DL-L1 and black A23030-10CB-3DN-L1 are starting to become harder to find but third party fans that fit are readily available.

The ICY COOL front panel boxes along with a high density RAID card have some potential the DVD bays which motivated bring the old chassis out of mothballs. Removable disks means it possible to clone operating system disks in vast numbers.

The pool of hard disks in the HAF 932 run about 13C cooler than in the SPEC-01. The CPU was cooler on operation as was the video card. Replacement fans are expensive but the OEM fans are ball bearing and should last an eon or two.

The machine will be provisioned with Ethernet instead of a WiFi card mostly to free up a slot. A USB bluetooth dongle can keep the headphones and Windows Hello happy. There are dual USB 3.0 headers on the X470 which can afford a second front panel box.

The only real problem with the HAF 932 is the weight. Moving the machine was not a problem with a dolly but maintenance and repair are tricky due to the weight. Best is to place the machine on the floor deskside.