One of the main motivations for using very efficient high capacity power supplies is the money they save. The advantage of the HX1000i and the efficiency of the modern CPU and GPU mean the gaming box does not use much power at all.

At the studio the cost of power is currently $0.0945 /kWh which is lower than most in the world pay. One of the reasons is the California buys a lot of power from us and that helps us a great deal.

The power does go up in price with electric heat etc. The step 2 rate is $0.1417 /kWh and its mostly intended to motivate the EPA Energy Star conservation.

With 288 kWh over 57 days the studio is far below the foul line for step 2 which is about 1265 kWh.

At our location we get nicked for a basic charge of $0.2090 /day by the power company. We also get nicked for $0.0082 /day to help the indigent handle their bills. Public policy problems have lead to a lot of hardship.

The studio is aware that in Germany they pay upwards of 50 cents per kWh which is brutal. Such high rates aggressively motivate wind and solar installations.