Xbox Studios is working on Halo Infinite for release in Q4 2020. This game is a continuation of Halo 5 and its intended to tighten up the story lines. Halo Infinite will be the 6th installment of the series.

At present the game is being offered in the Windows Store for the PC and the Xbox One. It is not known yet if the game will be offered on Steam.

Microsoft is positioning Halo Infinite as the launch title for the upcoming Project Scarlett. Microsoft has used Halo previously at launch which is Microsoft’s most popular series.

The game is going to be set on a Halo ring as the third chapter of the Reclaimer saga. The Reclaimer was introduced in Halo 2.

The game is rumored to be open world and is said to be bigger and more expansive than any Halo game in the past, as the name suggests. We also know that Halo Infinite is using a new engine called Slipspace, which is an early sign that the game is pushing boundaries tech wise.

Evidently 343 Industries is busy not only with the MCC collection for Steam, but it appears as though they are working on many projects. Halo Reach is expected to be released first but it it’s not yet known if it will be available in time for the holiday season this year.

Budget wise its appears that Microsoft is spending over $500 million on Halo Infinite so it’s clear that the game will be above the typical AAA class shooter. That alone will bring many to the game driven mostly by so much mediocrity of late. Given the popularity of Halo, its possible Microsoft could earn upwards of $1.5 billion in the weeks after launch and maybe $2 billion in the year following.