Halo: MCC has been in the studio for a while as 343 Industries gets various affiliate and associate studios to assist with testing the game prior to mainstream release. Microsoft works hard to debug games thoroughly before release using some of the same technologies seen in Windows 10.

There is no embargo for screenshots but 343 mentions that the game is not finished and some changes are possible. The third party testers are needed so that a more diverse range of machines can be utilized.

The game still has lots of debugging to complete. This is why testers are needed to identify faults. At present Reach is available to play. It is not yet known if the MCC will be sequential unlock or whether the other games are not yet ready. With 6 game disks it will take over 100 game hours to play all 6 game disks. It’s not yet known if Halo 5: Guardians will be added to the MCC or whether it will be separately offered.

The Xbox store now has the game for sale at $39.99 in Canada which is an excellent price price for the box set on the console. The original Halo: Combat Evolved CD in the media rack has a $69.99 prices tag on it. The game is not yet for sale on Steam suggesting Microsoft wants to sell the game on the Xbox exclusively for a time.

A lot of the games in the Windows Store are the same as the ones in the Steam Library already. Microsoft will do better with new releases as Steam already largely has the catalogs covered. Lots of easy systems requirement titles in the Windows Store will be popular for mobile users.

Today the the third flight has been released and for the next 3-4 days the studio will look over the new game beta and help Xbox Studios find problems so they are eliminated before release.

At present the CD version of Halo: Combat Evolved in installed but once the new MCC version is available it will be interesting to see the improvements.

Bungie published a patch for Halo: Combat Evolved to support 3840×2160 which makes the game world look great.


ChassisCooler Master HAF 932
PSUCorsair HX1000i
MotherboardMSI X570-A PRO
CPUAMD Ryzen R5 2400G
MemoryG.Skill NT 24 GB DDR4-2400
StorageIntel 660p 512 GB M.2 SSD
Graphics HardwareSapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8GB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 10 Professional x64
NetworkDOCIS 3 cable internet

The current rig is about 8-12x more powerful than the Xbox One so this game is very playable even at 3840×2160. The Xbox One plays most games at 1280×720 with a few titles supporting 1920×1080. Many console peasants have no idea now much better gaming is on a gaming oriented PC.

At 3840×2160 the game is very fluid and action is perfectly smooth.


The game is being tested for stability and it has crashed several times while playing Reach. Telemetry is being fed to servers which can identify game faults. Then developers can check the faults and attempt to remedy them. The debug cycle can take several iterations before the game is very stable.

Halo 5 concept art