Somebody in China is selling off some used video cards. The EVGA GTX 1070 Ti is a fairly powerful card. New the card sold for about $399.

The part number is 08G-P4-6775-KR which is FTW2 Gaming Edition. The vendor also indicated the original box for the card is available.

EVGA cards are well made and when this make was seen in the vendor’s list of cards I selected it so that I could get the balance of the remaining warranty. I estimate there is approximately 300-400 days remaining but once I get the card I can get an exact balance.

With 2432 CUDA cores the GTX 1070 Ti is dramatically more powerful than the GTX 1060 3GB card. There are more than double the CUDA cores and the GTX 1070 Ti also is clocked faster. This biggest feature is 8GB of GDD5 which will allow for demanding games to be much more playable.

Of slight concern is that the account was new last April and this card was the only item for sale. Other similar cards available were also with newer accounts with one card for sale. The seller’s locale is Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province according to the listing. Shaoxing has about 272 million people there. It is more or less a suburb are of Shanghai which is a huge metropolis in China generally.

Checking the purchase history shows the seller’s account was removed from ebay which is very unusual. eBay does not ordinarily removed accounts even if dormant. eBay also said the item was removed as well but they did note I had purchased it and they indicated that my eligibility for buyer’s protection was active. A link to the appropriate resolution for undelivered items was provided.

PayPal did show the account for the vendor was verified so there is a chain of custody to the banking system in China for law enforcement to follow if required.


PayPal and eBay protect me from fraud and counterfeits etc. Ebay said the card can be delivered by December 5, 2019 based on the expedited shipping. I have 30 days buyer protection from December 5, 2019. After that PayPal offers 180 day protection.

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