Today more and more malware is being deployed to attack corporate and personal computers. The ransomware attacks are simply extortion rackets.

Many that use older versions of Windows are vulnerable to ransomware. It was only with Windows 10 version 1809 that new measures to protect a machine from ransomware were introduced.

Version 1903 has improved on the security of Windows and Microsoft has indicated it will focus more on malware looking forward.

Malware has grown in sophistication and has become harder to detect. Hackers use polymorphic code to enable malware to change form and adapt according to the target computer system’s security protection.

Recent polymorphic malware can easily evade traditional antivirus protection and successfully attack computer files. Given the financial incentive, more malicious entities are focused on finding ways to exploit online users, and malware is now a crucial part of their arsenal.

Its vital that PCs use the latest version of Windows so that the improved robust security is available to minimize the damage from an attack. Its arrogant to believe older versions of Windows are safe. Windows 10 will still accept Windows 7 and 8 keys to activate. OEM keys on a machine are eligible too. Windows 10 x64 is great for gaming.