Not long after I reported that Starbreeze was back working on Payday 2, a now large 1.6 GB update has been posted.

You can buy Payday 2 from Green Man Gaming.

The is also low cost DLC posted in the Store Page.

  • Fixed an issue where players would be able to use Pocket ECMs on objectives that would normally lock when exposed to the ECM effect
  • Another attempt at fixing an issue where an ammo bag that appeared empty could prevent smoke and corpses from properly despawning for clients
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the player used the HRL-7 Rocket Launcher on Captain Winters
  • Fixed an issue where the clients would not get progress on Holdout if the host changed from regular lobby to holdout after they joined
  • Fixed an issue with containers always showing the ‘hold F to open’ prompt even though you are closing the containers
  • Fixed so that you can play on Steam OS with the Xbox One controller as well as the Xbox 360 controller
  • Fixed so that the Steam Marketplace does not use a localized string when searching
  • Fixed an AI navigation issue on Shadow Raid
  • Fixed an issue where players could kill the escape driver on day one of Watchdogs causing a blocker on day two
  • Adjusted spawn points for snipers on Beneath The Mountain
  • Fixed an issue where one of the cameras on Big Oil day one was not connected to the landmines
  • Fixed an issue where the trip mines on Hotline Miami day one were missing their lasers
  • Fixed an issue where the team AI could not get to the player on the roof of the building on Cook Off
  • Fixed an issue on Brooklyn 10-10 where the player could get stuck inside a police car near the escape
  • Fixed an issue on Firestarter day 3 that could cause the AI to break stealth if the player got electrocuted
  • Fixed a hole in the wall near Sokol in the New Safe House
  • Fixed issues causing noticeably reduced enemy spawns on Golden Grin Casino
  • Fixed an issue on The Big Bank where the player could be prevented from progressing when breaking stealth after having opened the vault
  • Fixed an issue on Biker Heist day two where the AI would not follow the player upon the train car
  • Fixed an issue on Framing Frame day three where the players could throw bags into an unreachable area
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck behind plants in a staircase on Breaking Feds
  • Move Credits into the options menu
  • Renamed “GAMEHUB” to “COMMUNITY”
  • Renamed the “EQPT & SKILLS” column in the inventory to “ABILITIES”
  • Moved Equipment to the character column in the inventory
  • Move Crew Management and Infamy into the inventory under the Abilities column
  • Moved and adjusted the size of the detection risk indicator under overall stats in the inventory
  • Created a new Advanced category under options
  • Moved Ban List to Advanced in the options menu
  • Moved Workshop into Advanced in the options menu
  • Moved Clear Progress into Advanced in the options menu
  • Move “MUTE CONTRACTOR VOICES” from gameplay to sound
  • Move “THROWABLE CONTOUR” from gameplay to user interface
  • Move “AMMO CONTOUR” from gameplay to user interface
  • Moved “QUICKPLAY” options to the main menu and integrated it with the “QUICKPLAY” button
  • Replaced the heister icons with the heisters faces
  • Added separator spaces between groups of buttons in the main menu
  • Fixed an issue causing the monitors on drills and saws to retain the glare after playing certain heists
  • Fixed an issue where, if playing No Mercy before Hotline Miami, would remove the fog on Hotline Miami
  • Fixed a text overlap issue in Russian when selecting weekly holdout
  • Fixed text strings related to Storyline mode
  • Fixed incorrect text for Joys room upgrades in the Safehouse for German, Dutch, Japanese and Russian

Starbreeze is offering new players a chance to try the game over the long weekend. This is an increasingly popular way to grow the player base.

Starbreeze is depending on cash earnings from Payday 2 which has continued to maintain its player base. Undoubtedly the players will appreciate the bug fixes which should make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Starbreeze is still looking for a new publisher but so far nothing has been seen from the Swedish media who are following the company close.