Human Head Studio is best known for the 2006 release of Prey. The studio closed recently in a deal with Bethesda.

The CD version key for Prey was accepted into Steam so the game is available. The gameplay is a bit tricky on the PC even with a controller. Prey uses some unusual geometric features to the game.

Human Head Games operated for 22 years, creating the original Prey, the Quiet Man, Rune II, and others. They also provided development support on BioShock Infinite, Just Cause 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, World of Tanks, and others.

Bethesda has opened a new studio in Madison, Wisconsin called Roundhouse Studios and they have hired the entire staff from Human Head to work at this new center. Human Head closed their studio as the deal with Bethesda finalized.

The studio was unable to keep Prey for sale on Steam. Rune II was the last game published by Human Head before moving over to Roundhouse.

Given the games are being sold on Epic who ignored out trademark claims only means we do not even notice them. Facebook accepted the proprietor trademark without problem but others are less inclined to cooperate.