HALO: MCC DEC 3, 2019

Steam has now got Halo; Master Chief Collection available to order. The package deal is far better value as it has all of the games included.

The Steam store shows release day is December 3, 2019. Most likely the game will preload overnight to be launched at some time in the day. Until Microsoft fixes the DRM problems with the Windows Store it is completely useless to me at present. Hopefully none of that baggage will be present in the Steam version. The Steam version has each game show separately as a discrete DLC title. This does not present a problem as games in Steam are easily selected.

Today Reach and Halo 3: ODST are available in the MCC collection. The games are shown as DLC to MCC bundle. 343 indicated the remaining games will be delivered once they are adequately debugged for release. Given the haphazard development its likely that some components may be delivered out of sync with the timeline. 343 has a swarm of developers working on the games to be sure as many bugs as possible are eliminated.

The RX 480 can play Halo at 4K fine with a very good 60+ fps speed. Much of the time the game was over 120 fps. A more powerful card would be excessive for Halo but many have very powerful video cards. The MSI X570-A PRO is very modern and once a new CPU is procured the gaming box will be even more powerful. The main goal is to have as much system bandwidth as possible to minimize bottlenecks.

The goal is mostly to be able to play all games at 3840×2160 which is now possible given video cards are available with enough processing power. AMD and nVidia are expected to have a range of new cards once TSMC has their 7nm line caught up for backorders.

The recent BIOS update for the MSI X570-A PRO has materially improved the machine’s stability. The performance has improved which is pleasing as gaming needs fast memory and graphics.

The easy Halo: MCC system requirements still require 64-bit Windows. 8GB of memory is not very expensive. Today the RX 480 is very affordable and even though its 3 years old, the card far ahead of the Xbox One.


Microsoft said that “Scarlett” would be four times as powerful as Xbox One X.  The BDXL drive will continue to be supported. Backwards compatibility is the main focus.

Close to 50 million Xbox One are in use while there are even more PS4 players out there. Microsoft and Sony have competed for 20 years in the console markets. Xbox One sold poorly in Japan but elsewhere it is popular.

The AMD Vega 56 card has abundant performance for 4K gaming. The new CPU design with the Infinity bus may be seen with new GPU designs to increase the number of compute units even higher than Vega 64. 8K panels are expensive but prices are falling over time. In 2019, 55 inch 4K HDR televisions are now under $500 in Canada and prices are falling fast. Look for HDMI 2.1 and/or DisplayPort 2.0 support so there is adequate available bandwidth in televisions or monitors for HDR and maximum chromaticity.

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