HP issued a warning to its customers that some of its SAS SSDs come with a bug that causes them to fail at exactly 32,768 hours of use. For an always-on or high-uptime server, this translates to 3 years, 270 days and 8 hours of usage. The affected models of SSDs are shipped in many of HP’s flagship server and storage products, spanning its HPE ProLiant, Synergy, Apollo, JBOD D3xxx, D6xxx, D8xxx, MSA, StoreVirtual 4335 and StoreVirtual 3200 product-lines.

The warning came through a customer bulletin from the HPE support center and notes that the SSD failure caused by the bug makes both the drive and the data on it unrecoverable.

HP has released an SSD firmware update that fixes this bug and cannot stress the importance of deploying the update enough. This is because once a drive hits the 32,768-hour literal deadline and breaks down, both the drive and the data on it become unrecoverable. There is no other mitigation to this bug other than the firmware update. HP released easy to use online firmware update tools that let admins update firmware of their drivers from within their OS. The online firmware update tools support Linux, Windows, and VMWare.

Larger systems have backups because problems like this are a fact of life for major corporations. Hard disk based solutions are the most popular.


Crucial had a similar bug where the SSD failed at 5184 power on hours which is less than one year. Crucial quickly released a firmware update for the 5200 hour bug recently found on the popular m4 SSD. This bug would cause systems that reached a total of 5184 hours on their m4 SSD to become unstable. Once restarted systems would be stable until another hour had passed. The 0309 firmware update released today fixes this problem and allows users to update directly to the latest version regardless if the current firmware revision is 0001, 0002, or 0009.


ISO images for firmware can be installed from a USB stick if there is no DVD drive available. The Windows 7 USB Download tool is the most popular. There is also the popular tool for linux.