Thanks to moron IT managers who have no clue with security, robocalls and spam galore now inundate the studio. Insecure servers are disgustingly common.

Stolen phone numbers mean now results in blocking robocalls that is impossible to stop as they use random false phone numbers. Changing phone numbers is very expensive.

Steam which uses their mobile app as 2-step has been beaten. Miscreants managed to hack the studio account and the damage was extensive.

Yahoo has been broken into twice. All 500 million accounts were ripped off completely. The idiots there did not even salt and hash passwords, they were all left insecure.

Some 2/3 of US corporations have been broken into. Its so bad now that with fake mobile devices that the NSA and CIA use that the phone is as bad of an idea as any.

Biometric scanning such as fingerprint or voice analysis are more secure. Phones and email accounts are not at all secure. Keyboards with finger scanners are rare, they should be widespread now that the patent has expired. All of the Lenovo laptops here have finger scanners on them.

USB finger scanners are available but most keyboards do not have a USB port on them to extend their ability.

The Microsoft EKZ-00001 is expensive and not many were manufactured as most stores do not have it in stock. NewEgg has to import them from US inventory.

The present nonsense with security is more expense for consumers and more litigation when breakins happen.

The costs on the studio are high and there is liability attached.

NB: While writing this a robocall came in pretending to be a government agency. The caller works the percentages and this is an example of how bad things are getting. The area code was not Canadian as evidence of a false phone number.

Spam is now so pervasive as to dominate the inbox. For any legitimate message there are now at least 5000 spam messages.