Windows 10 version 1909 continues to have problems with Bluetooth.

Part of the problem stems from the MSI X570-A PRO BIOS which often does not reset devices properly before it enumerates them.

Usually if there is a problem the BIOS freezes during POST. Windows reports a device error.

Even with the USB Bluetooth in a high-power USB 3.1 port, the device still has problems. Bluetooth logic is designed for use in a USB 2.0 standard port.

The bluetooth on our MacBook works fine. Same for the iPhone and iPad. The problems are with Windows.

The USB logic is made by Cambridge Silicon Radio who has designed Bluetooth logic for a long time. Generally the hardware works fine but the motherboard BIOS bugs make it miserable. CSR was acquired by Qualcomm in 2015.

Chinese made logic with the CSR marking are common with low cost bluetooth radios. Generally these units are well made and work fine.

Cambridge Silicon Radio introduced a single chip bluetooth controller in 2000. The developed was heralded as being able to deliver bluetooth at far lower cost. CSR also has WiFi logic which is available in small USB units.

Given the bluetooth logic is completely standards compliant simplifies driver design.

The Hesh 2 headphones use Bluetooth and they work fine with mobile phones but problems with Windows make them hard to keep operational. Same story for other devices.

Investigating more issues I noticed Bose Quietcomfort users with problems with the headphones. The forum is filled with over 1500 posts of firmware issues. The Apple Beats headphones have been fine in operation and they are problem free as are the Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones.