Among the laptops in the Studio is an old MacBook A1534 that was new back in 2015. The machine has an Intel Core M processor (Broadwell) with 8GB DDR3-1600 and it has 256GB SSD storage. The CPU die and RAM are integrated and the SSD chips are soldered on either side of the mainboard.

The MacBook machine has held its value and it is still worth close to $1000 in the resale market. Apple has discontinued the Macbook line in 2019. The slightly thicker MacBook Air is now the new model for 2019. The MacBook with the Intel CPU probably will be viable for a long time to come.

The machine has been left with the local authorized Apple dealer who is handling the keyboard which needs to be replaced. Apple has admitted that the butterfly design did not work as well in the field. Apple recently has offered to replace the keyboard for free.

Generally the machine has been fine for light duty work. The problem is that the N key has become problematic. Touch typing requires a very well designed keyboard to be able to type up notes etc.

The trackpad has also been a problem. Moving the cursor is not a problem but click sensitivity has been poor. The local store said they would fix it but it would take some time to get a keyboard from Apple to be able to install it. The clerk suggested the machine would be fixed by Friday or early next week at the latest. Recently the machine was upgraded to OS X Catalina. Apple provides updated versions of the operating system for free similar to the way the do that for mobile phones.

The machine could run Windows 10 but the OS X platform allows it to be available for development for the Apple ecosystem. While Visual Studio can target the Apple platform, the native development tools are more likely to be problem free. Apple’s xCode can develop for the watch, phone, table and note. Spare parts are widely available for the A1534 so it possible to replace the logic board or any other component if needed.


Evidently I sent in my machine too late to be fixed. To add insult to injury I am being charged close to $50 for looking at the problem.


I have been using Apple a long time and they know me well. I am a long time iPod, iPhone and iPad user. The person who I spoke with me said they would fix the machine for me. The person said he would contact the store where I originally tried to keyboard fixed.

Apple knows that they have 4 year leash on the keyboard issue, but I mentioned the date of the notice which was not spammed etc and that I discovered it by happenstance. The representative was understanding. He asked me which version of OS X was installed and I told him I installed Catalina which was very recently released. I told him I installed it fresh.


The dealer’s service clerk told me he took the call from Apple over a service exception. They suggested the MacBook will get a new top, which includes a new keyboard and trackpad.