After several days in the repair shop, the MacBook is now back in the studio and ready for use.

The machine is far from new but it is very mobile which is favorable at the coffee shop. The machine can make do on batteries for several hours even on the old battery. Steam is installed but not that many games are published for the Mac platform. The higher cost of MacBooks is the main reason they are a smaller segment of the market.

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is handy when there is a larger table at a coffee shop. The new pad works a lot better than the old one which seemed to be insensitive. The pad is reminiscent to the old Wacom pads with a finger but Wacom’s stylus is more precise.

The xCode development package is the main SDK for Apple hardware so if anyone needs an app developed the studio has tools available. The Avid license can be used on the MacBook making it useful for demonstration purposes. Office 365 is available but its a subscription that ends up costing a lot more than a conventional perpetual disk.