Been playing Halo: Reach (Steam) for several hours in the Winter Contingency campaign on Legendary (naturally). Given the game was published on the Xbox 360, converting to the PC is far from easy. For that reason glitches have to be expected as playesting can only go so far.

After completing a firefight against a couple of dropships worth of covenant in the very first part of the campaign. I jumped into a truck with some surviving marines and drove out seeking to get any remaining covenant.

After a distance I glitched to a pedestrian with the truck in behind me. Any attempt to get back to the truck reverted back to the pedestrian in front of the truck. A smoother transition of exiting the truck would have made sense.

Following the path eventually gets back to a damaged truck that was abandoned. Driving that returned to the truck where the team was but again jumped back to being a pedestrian. The path is circular.

Wandering around, the covenant has been wiped out and all that is present are the local wildlife. There are not a lot of choices to go but the game is more or less open world so perhaps some alternate route may be a better choice.

Eventually choosing a different path was able to move to the flight awaiting the first firefight. This then drops the player into another brutal firefight.

The game world in Halo: Reach is very lush so there are a lot of natural barriers.

Had the audio disappear as well. Reboot did not seem to help. Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones are fairly good for gaming. The audio returns briefly when quitting the game.


The actual size of the MCC is now known to be around 70GB. The Steam store page has not yet been updated. The Microsoft Store also has not yet been updated.

343 has indicated a patch is forthcoming to deal with known problems. There is no ETA posted.